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Tri-City Community Development Corporation (Tri-City) was legally incorporated on January 21, 1999 as a collaborative effort between several faith-based organizations, a few local businesses & schools, and area residents. It is an extension of the outreach ministry of the
New Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church.


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Summer Camp 2023


Children from the ages of 6-13 can benefit from several of our focused training sessions planned for this exciting camp.

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Our Mission

Tri-City's MISSION is to empower residents in the Southwest Detroit, River Rouge, and Ecorse communities through the development and implementation of community strategies and initiatives that strengthen families and enrich their quality of life.

Our Projects

This is a listing of our current community projects

We would like to take the time to show our appreciation to Comerica Bank...
for their continued support in ALL of our programs.

Environmental Change through Community Cooperation

Environmental Change through Community Cooperation

This project came into existence due to the recently documented findings of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality which discovered that our community residents are suffering from toxic pollutants being released into the atmosphere. This is due to the negligence of our neighboring large corporations which produce and/or refine combustible resources like Oil, Waste, Salt, and others.

a Unique Opportunity...

a Unique Opportunity...

This offering is a Computerized Remediation Program that runs for 10 weeks and focuses on local youths between the ages of 6 and 12yrs. The program is for parents that want their children to have supplemental educational experiences. This National Program is offered through Tri-City at half the cost based on our unique partnership!

Enriching our Seniors with Community Interaction

Enriching our Seniors with Community Interaction

The Project currently includes the following elements: The Seniors' Day Program... The Annual Tri-City Chairman's Luncheon... and Informational Workshops

The Tuskegee Airmen Drone Program

6-Week Mini-Drone Class

For Boys & Girls ages 8-15... Train with the Distinguished Tuskegee Airmen group (Macon - Thomas Chapter) to become CERTIFIED to fly mini-drones and find jobs which will pay trained pilots to work for them. 

Veterans Appreciation Program

Quarterly Event Series

Tri-City CDC has created a quarterly events series leading to Veteran’s Day provided through encouragement, resource support, fellowship, and a greater appreciation of those from the Southwest Detroit community, who serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces. Veterans Day activities can start before Veterans Day.

My Vote Counts

Community Rallies
supported by DDAWN

Tri-City CDC has engaged residents in the Tri-City area (Southwest Detroit, Ecorse, and River Rouge), with a mobilization program designed to activate the community and stress the importance of voting. We provide the community with important information about Local, State, & National Candidates, dates to remember, polling locations, along with voting processes & history.

Programming Initiatives

Envisioning a community which is Clean, Safe, Healthy, Vibrant, and Supportive of its residents

Youth Programs

for ages 6 - 12 yrs.

We are currently offering extensive Summer & After School Programming 

Opportunity Training

for ages 14 - 24 yrs.

We offer Job Readiness Training and Summer Employment Opportunities for our local youth seeking to integrate themselves into the workforce.


ages 65+

We are servicing the need for our Community Seniors to have positive and frequent Social Interactions with peers and others, Access to Healty Meals & Exercise Regimines, along with Computer Skills Basic Training.

Family Resource Center

Strategies & Initiatives that strengthen families

We provide family services in the following areas: Adult Literacy, Social/Mental Health Referrals, Employment Opportunities, Single Parent Resources, and Housing Resources

Calls to Action

How You Can Help...



Who we are...

Tri-City Community Development Corporation was legally incorporated on January 21, 1999, as a collaborative effort between several faith-based organizations, local businesses, local schools, and area residents. It is an outgrowth of the outreach ministry of New Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church and the brainchild of both the Pastor of NMH Reverend Dr. Alex R. Hill, Sr. & the late, great Reverend Dr. William J. Smith, who served as an associate minister and was the co-founding CEO of Tri-City.

Dr. Smith served faithfully from 1999 to 2015 when he started experiencing health challenges which he ultimately succumbed to in early 2016. His wife of 33 years, Mrs. Loretta Smith is the current CEO.


Support our efforts

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit entity and are always in need of funding for ALL of our Programming. Your Tax-Deductible Donation is much appreciated and well-received!

We are continually looking for support funds to operate the Eden Park Community Project and the future Neighborhood Revitalization Program to improve the housing stock in this area.


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